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Friday's 7:00 pm in Truro and Monday and Wednesday in Pool Redruth. Progress your skill and fitness train Three days a week for one low monthly fee. Location map

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We don't have a joining fee, you pay a monthly fee of £26 for training and annual payment to cover insurance.


Taekwondo is a self-defence style originating from Korea and is first to be incorporated into modern warfare techniques. It's similar to karate only more focus and emphasis on kicking techniques. Taekwondo is the most popular martial arts style with over 70 million students worldwide. Start your journey and sign up for your 1 month free training. We are qualified to teach and are part of Global Taekwondo International (GTI) a recognised form of Taekwondo. Instructors have an up to date enhanced DBS check and you are able to view the certificate on request.


Suitable for all ages from 5+ we are a non-profit club that actively promotes family training for health, fitness, in the traditional form of I.T.F (International Taekwondo Federation) taekwondo. Training kit sizes and cost. View our fee's.


Practical training and support by Mr Garcia 2nd Dan, to develop the traditional skills in the art of taekwondo self defence.

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We welcome new members all year round, and offer training in Truro on Friday and in Redruth on Mondays and Wednesdays. Find out more...


Safe Guarding Code

We are part of an academy that is committed to safe guarding all students, with our safe guarding practices and policies. Find out more...


Covid-19 Certified

We have completed successfully the Covid-19 course and introduced practices to safeguard students and instructors from Covid-19.


Summer Camp - Friday 30 Jul 2021

Join us for camping in the woods, games, training and a great big campfire over the weekend. Location map. ///scarred.coder.emporium Full details to follow in our newsletter. location: Tehidy woods - North Cliffs

1st month training free


Complete this form to claim your 1 month free taekwondo training and we will call you back and confirm the next scheduled class time and date. You will need a bottle of water and loose clothing, tracksuit trousers, tee-shirt. Start your training now and get 50% off your annual licence (time limited offer to new students).



  • 1955

    Taekwondo developed by Major General Choi Hong Hi

    Taekwondo is an unarmed self defence combat developed by Major General Choi Hong Hi on 11 Apr 1955. Major General Choi Hong Hi, 9th Dan and commander introduced taekwondo into the the Korean armed forces.

  • 1966

    International Federation of Taekwondo (I.T.F)

    The first of two distinct styles of taekwondo was formed the first being I.T.F

  • 1967

    Taekwondo officially brought to the UK

    Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha, 9th Dan brought Taekwondo to the UK officially.

  • W.T.F


    World Taekwondo Federation (W.T.F)

    World Taekwondo Federation was formed.

  • Global Taekwondo International



    Global Taekwondo International (G.T.I)

    Global Taekwondo International was formed and follows the original traditional style of I.T.F and is the style we teach at Truro and Redruth Taekwondo.

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Truro Instructor

John Garcia

2nd Dan - Instructor for Truro

Redruth Instructors


Justyn Heath

2nd Dan - Instructor for Redruth

Mr Bird

4th Dan - Instructor for Redruth


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Contact instructor John Garcia - 07971847716