Taekwondo kit measurement guide and price list

This page provides a guide for ordering the standard kit required for your training in taekwondo. Initially white belts only need a dobok (uniform). The additional sparing kit becomes essential once you are yellow belt.

Kit price list

Uniforms (Dobok)

GTI dobok with logo on the back and badge on the chest

GTI Dobok Size Cost
Child GTI Dobok - White Size 00 to 2 £30
Adult GTI Dobok - White Size 3+ £35
Child GTI Dobok - Black Size 00 to 2 £35
Adult GTI Dobok - Black Size 3+ £40

Dobok size guide

Size Up to metric (height) up to imperial (height)
00 120cm 3ft 11"
0 130cm 4ft 3"
1 140cm 4ft 7"
2 150cm 4ft 11"
3 160cm 5ft 3"
4 170cm 5ft 7"
5 180cm 5ft 11"
6 190cm 6ft 3"
7 200cm 6ft 7"

Sparring Kit

The measurement guides below are for Kicksport sparring gear and is approved for competition use. To order review the measurement guides and confirm your preferred colour option (red, black or blue) at our next training class. Al full sparring set includes gloves, footpads, head guard and shin guards and will cost £75 or you may purchase separately.

Glove size guide

Individual cost £22

A = Measurement across the palm outside glove

B = Length of glove

Size Measurement across palm
X-Small A = 10.8cm
B = 22.9cm
Small A = 11.4cm
B = 22.9cm
Medium A = 8.5cm to 9.1cm
B = 25.4cm
Large A = 9.1cm to 9.5cm
B = 26.7cm
X-Large A = 9.5cm to 9.8cm
B = 27.9cm

Foot guard size guide

Individual cost £22

Measurement length of the foot

Size Length of foot
Child XXXS 20cm
Child XXS 20.5cm
Child XS 22.5cm
Adult small 23cm
Adult medium 25cm
Adult large 26.5cm
Adult X large 28.5cm

Shin guard size guide

Individual cost £14

To determine the correct size measure from the bottom of the knee to the top of the ankle

Size Shin length
X-Small 27cm
Small 30cm
Medium 32cm
Large 33cm
X-Large 34.5cm

Head guard size guide

Individual cost £20

To determine the correct size measure around the head at the widest part just above the ears

Size Max width
X-Small 51cm
Small 54cm
Medium 57cm
Large 59cm
X-Large 62cm

Tee-shirts - £10

During the summer months you may wear in class either your dobok or our taekwondo tee-shirt with your dobok trousers.


Hoodie - £20


Heavy duty holdall with GTI Taekwondo Logo

Heavy duty polyester canvas with separate end pocket. Colour GTI logo on ends with “Taekwondo GTI” on sides.

GTI holdall bag Size Cost
Small holdall bag 56 x 24 x 24 cm £21
Medium holdall bag 70 x 30 x 30 cm £23
Large holdall bag 80 x 30 x 30 cm £25

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